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I believe nonprofits deserve to thrive!

I’m Lara, and I’m here to help you unleash the power of words to dazzle your donors and raise more money. I’m relentlessly optimistic about helping nonprofits position their work so well that people simply can’t wait to support them.

For most of my career, I’ve been in the nonprofit world, and I’ve been writing fundraising copy for more than 15 years. My copy has helped:


  • Launch the Victors for Michigan $400 Million campaign for the College of LSA at the University of Michigan.
  • Steel the backbone of fundraising product sheets at the Henry Ford Health System, which helped fuel a record-breaking $60 Million in gifts last year.
  • Introduce 826michigan’s recurring donor campaign, adorably called the Battery Pack, to generate monthly funding and boost the bottom line.
  • And much more!

I started Bold Type Copywriting for Nonprofits because I know that smart, hungry fundraisers and nonprofit leaders can have a meteor-sized impact on their fundraising with the right copywriting tools.

I also understand that not every nonprofit can afford expensive consultants and pay-by-the-word copywriters. That’s why I’ve forged a way where nonprofits can generate their own kick-butt copy through my guides and toolkits. I’m teaching you to fish – just with a lot more sparkle.

Four things about me you won’t find on LinkedIn

I went to Carleton College, where my roommate and I once put an inflatable Lion King pool in our dorm room.

My husband and I opened an ice cream shop! My husband is a dairy genius, which is good news for this Wisconsin girl.

The "sit crooked & talk straight" quote on the homepage is from the podcast My Favorite Murder. I'm a huge fan! 

I am a published romance author under the name Kim Amos, and my books all take place in a town called White Pine.

Still feel like you know don’t know enough and need to contact me? You can email me at lara@boldtypecopywriting.com, and we can connect on Facebook, too! 

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