DIY Case for Support

DIY Case for Support

Your easy-to-use guide that takes the pain out of writing and fuels your fundraising.

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DIY Case for Support

The quick and easy way to write a case for support that raises money NOW.

What if I could help you write a case for support TODAY that hits donors in the feels and makes them want to give money to your organization? 

It doesn't have to be hard! You don't need five webinars, three books, and a big, fat credit card bill. 

My easy-to-use, DIY guide is 35+ pages that will make donors excited about your organization's work and inspired to support you. 

Instead of stretching your nonprofit's already-tight budget on expensive webinars, outside talent, or lengthy books that don't give you practical help, you can steal my guide, DIY Case for Support, and do it yourself for just $47.  

How-To Beats "Should Do"

THIS GUIDE IS DIFFERENT because I'm going to teach you how to write every part of your case for support. 

Most guides or experts will tell you that your case for support should do something, for example talk about your impact, or create a sense of urgency. But none of them explain how to write the words that go along with each "should" ... UNTIL NOW. 

I’ll show you, step by step, what goes where in your case for support and how to write it. You'll get a clear outline and a guide for plugging in every single wonderful word that will lead to gifts and boost your bottom line. Plus, I've got a BONUS section that shows you exactly how to calculate dollar amounts for the big, long-term fundraising opportunities you have.  

Using this guide, you'll produce a case for support that:


“This guide will help nonprofit leaders take their messaging to a new level. Also, Lara is wonderful to work with.”  

Annette Charles 

Head of Research and Evaluation, Graettinger Cole Impact Consulting  

“Lara is a secret weapon at the crossroads of fundraising and writing. She delivered copy that helped us have our biggest fundraising year ever, bringing in more than $60 Million."  

Peggy Burns 

Senior Vice President for Philanthropy, Henry Ford Health System 

"We have always had a challenge translating the complex and deep work that we do with schools and communities into a language that is both easily understood and true to our vision. Lara has been instrumental in helping us craft our message."  

Ethan Lowenstein 

Director, Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition  

More than 35 pages of expert help that will show you the way to getting more gifts! 

You'll learn to make your case for support by writing seven headlines and eight sections. I'll explain each headline and section, then give you precise language -- not to mention examples -- in every single instance so they're a snap to write. All your work is broken down into four easy parts: 

  • The Outline The view of your case for support from 10,000 feet, with all the content containers outlined clearly. I'll give you a visual map of what goes where on the page to guide you.
  •  Writing the Copy This is the heart of the guide! We will break down each part of the case for support, and I'll help you write every last word.
  • Tips and Tricks Final tips and free resources to help your writing and design get to the finish line.  
  • BONUS! Ever wonder how much you'd need in an endowment to support a program long-term? I'll show you how to calculate endowment distributions in your case for support so you can tell donors exactly how much you need, and what it will be used for. 

Raise More Money for Your Awesome Work

More than 72 percent of charitable giving comes from individuals, and the biggest growth in giving is coming from first-time donors. But with more than 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States, there is serious competition for all that funding. 

That's why this guide will help you stand out to prospective donors with a great case for support that is exciting, engaging, and most importantly, that inspires giving.

Best of all, the copy you write can be sliced and diced for use on your website, in newsletters, on social media -- anywhere prospective donors can be found. Once you've got this awesome text, you can make use of it wherever you wish.

DIY Case for Support is the guide you need to start bringing in donor gifts TODAY.  

Hey There, I'm Lara 

Lara Zielin

I’ve worked in the nonprofit sector for most of my career, and I’ve been the expensive copywriter on the other side of this equation. Now, I'm taking everything l've learned in my 15 years of writing fundraising copy and bundling it for you in one easy-to-use guide. I know what it takes to inspire prospective donors to give. 

In my career, my copy has helped:  

  • Launch the Victors for Michigan $400 Million campaign for the College of LSA at the University of Michigan. 
  • Steel the backbone of fundraising product sheets at the Henry Ford Health System, which helped fuel a record-breaking $60 Million in gifts last year
  •  Introduce 826michigan’s recurring donor campaign, adorably called the Battery Pack, to generate monthly funding and boost the bottom line.
  • And much more!  

A case for support doesn't have to be a drag or hard to write. You can start raising money today with DIY Case for Support.  

Money-Back Guarantee

I know this guide will help you create an awesome case for support for your nonprofit! But if you're not satisfied, you can request a refund within 14 days of downloading. To qualify for a refund, please email and show that you’ve used at least four of the worksheets or exercises provided in the guide, as well as the reason that you weren't satisfied.  

It's Time to Write a Case for Support that Wows Donors and Raises Money

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